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My name is Paul G. St-Aubin (P.Eng., Ph.D.). I am a licensed transportation research engineer located in Montréal, Québec, currently working as Head of Products at Brisk Synergies and as a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with the University of Waterloo. My almae matres are McGill University and Polytechnique Montréal and my graduate advisors were Nicolas Saunier and Luis Miranda-Moreno. I was also a postdoctoral researcher at IVADO/HEC Montréal.

I specialize and am professionally interested in several civil engineering and computer science topics, particularly where these two intersect, including:

  • Road design & safety
  • Traffic control devices
  • Driver behaviour, advanced collision detection, and specialised topics in vehicle automation
  • Traffic data collection systems
  • Computer vision
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Traffic Microsimulation
  • Software architecture

I spend most of my time performing research and development of various AI, automation, and scientific analysis software, and user interface design (software). I have taught a number of civil engineering courses. In addition to my professional activities, I dabble in such topics as graphic design, web design, geographic information systems, cyber security, cryptography, woodworking, smelting, hobby electronics, 3D printing, languages, and reading about various topics in philosophy.

A (very) brief overview of my projects is below and a full list of my publications is also available. For more info, questions, or to obtain a full résumé, please contact me directly or, alternatively, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Research Projects