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Mar 2018

Courses Taught

CIVE 440 - Traffic Engineering and simulation*

This is an undergraduate, intermediary-level course designed to familiarize students with the state of the art of the road design. The course should prepare students to solve typical problems encountered in traffic engineering projects including: data collection strategies; fixed, adaptive and coordinated traffic light design; and training using the VISSIM microsimulation software. A copy of the latest course outline is available for download.

McGill University

This course is taught in English at McGill University. Visit the official course listing

*Please note that I will be unable to teach this course for the 2017-2018 semester. Joshua Stipancic will be teaching it in my stead.

CIV6706A - Traffic control devices (Régulation de la circulation)

This is a graduate, advanced-level course covering advanced topics in road design, particularly with respect to traffic control devices. This course examines traffic light coordination particularly, and in depth. The course also covers usage of VISSIM microsimulation software for evaluation of different traffic control treatments. A copy of the latest course outline is available for download (in french).

Polytechnique Montréal

This course is taught in French at Poytechnique Montréal. Visit the official listing

Graduate Advisor

Below is a list of students I am supervising or that I have supervised in an official capacity.

Master of Engineering

  • Stephen Woodall-Kalfaian (with Nicolas Saunier, Polytechnique Montréal, principal supervisor) 2016-2018Thesis: Safety Analysis Related to the Implementation of Roundabouts